50 Drawing Projects: A Creative Step-by-step Workbook

50 Drawing Projects: A Creative Step-by-step Workbook
by Barrington Barber / / / EPUB

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In this imaginative new book, Barrington Barber presents an array of interesting subjects, including people, pets and everyday objects in and around the home. These projects are designed to help you understand the basics of drawing and to help you learn the ropes when it comes to drawing everything. This book teaches you to find space, shape and form in any object you see.

Each project is broken down into easy-to-follow steps which culminate in a finished drawing. The reader is then invited to make his or her own version of the subject. Follow along with Barrington Barber as he leads even the most inexperienced illustrators on an adventure in drawing new things. Drawing can be a relaxing, stress-reducing practice for those who need a release. Have you ever thought of drawing a family member or beloved pet? With 50 Drawing Projects you will be drawing anything and everything in no time at all.

Combining guidance for beginners with challenging subjects for more experienced artists, 50 Drawing Projects is a relaxing way to discover and develop one of life's most rewarding creative skills. 50 Drawing Projects will make a lovely gift to anyone interested in drawing or learning to draw.

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