A Practical Introduction To Verilog Using Mojo V3

A Practical Introduction To Verilog Using Mojo V3
by Yury Magda / / / AZW3

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This book is intended as a highly practical guide for those who want to learn designing digital circuits in Verilog HDL using a popular Mojo V3 FPGA board. The Mojo V3 is designed to make digital design easy and cost effective for anyone who is just getting started. This guide aims to get the readers familiar with basics of Verilog through designing various digital circuits using the Mojo V3.

As a development tool for compiling projects and programming the FPGA, the Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.7 WebPack Edition running in Windows 10 was used.

Each design is accompanied by a brief description which helps to make things clear and allows the readers to easily improve the design.

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