Camera Settings: For Animals In Snow

Camera Settings: For Animals In Snow
by Kathleen Reeder / / / AZW3

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When presented with the opportunity to photograph animals in snow, this reference book helps you be ready with camera settings. It is a collection of photos and associated camera settings that I made over the past four years at Triple D Game Ranch in Montana. This book is a great reference for wildlife photographers of all skill levels.

Triple D caters to the cinematography industry including film crews from National Geographic, Nature, Disney, BBC and others to film their animals. Since their first movie over 25 years ago, the Triple D has provided a service to a variety of still photographers and movie companies. Triple D prides itself on the care and health of their animals, as well as preserving endangered species, so that they may be enjoyed by future generations.

Each year I teach a Wildlife in Winter workshop at Triple D for up to 10 participants. We photograph the animals shown in this book. The workshop provides the opportunity to photo these beautiful animals in natural settings, fresh snow and at eye level. Read more about this winter workshop and see more animal photos from Triple D at


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