Ice Station Nautilus: A Novel

Ice Station Nautilus: A Novel
by Rick Campbell / / / EPUB

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Russia’s new ballistic missile submarine is being deployed on its first patrol while America’s newest fast attack submarine,

North Dakota

, is assigned to trail it and collect intel. As the Russian submarine heads under the polar ice cap, its sonar readings reveal the trailing American one…and lead the Russians to begin a radical, evasive maneuver―one that causes both subs to collide and hit the bottom.

The Americans immediately set up a rescue mission, sending a new submarine and a SEAL team to establish an ice camp―Ice Station Nautilus―and stage a rescue. The Russians also send a rescue team but their secret mission is to make sure the Americans don’t get any intel. To achieve this, they plan to take over Nautilus―leaving no survivors or traces of their actions. Meanwhile, the men at the bottom of the ocean in both downed subs struggle for their last breath. . .

This edition of the book is the deluxe, tall rack mass market paperback.

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