Linux For Developers: Jumpstart Your Linux Programming Skills (developer's Library)

Linux For Developers: Jumpstart Your Linux Programming Skills (developer's Library)
by William "Bo" Rothwell / / / AZW3

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Linux for Developers shows you how to start writing great code for Linux, whether you’re a Linux user with little or no coding experience, or an experienced Windows programmer.

Leading IT trainer/author William “Bo” Rothwell begins with a clear and up-to-date review of modern open source software, including the licensing arrangements and tradeoffs all developers need to understand. He presents essential skills for both Linux command line and GUI environments, introducing text editors and other tools for efficient coding.

Building on this knowledge, Rothwell introduces scripting tools such as Bash, Python, and Perl, as well as traditional object-oriented programming languages such as Java, C++, and C. Finally, he presents a full section on the powerful Git version control system, teaching skills you can use in Linux and many other environments.

Access Linux systems, use GUIs, and work at the command line

Learn how Linux organizes files and navigate its filesystem

Use basic developer commands such as gzip and grep

Edit programs with vi and vim, and explore alternative editors

Perform basic sysadmin tasks that developers often need to handle

Compare Linux languages to choose the best one for each task

Write Bash scripts that interact with users or other shell features

Program with Python and Perl: flow control, variables, and more

Understand Linux features related to building C, C++, and Java programs

Stay on top of complex projects with GIT revision control

Work in GIT: staging, committing, branches, diffs, merges, and patches

Manage local and remote GIT repositories

This guide’s modular coverage helps you quickly access whatever information you need right now.

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