Nanoscaled Films And Layers

Nanoscaled Films And Layers
by Laszlo Nanai / / / PDF

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The presented book provides a description of specific and original results obtained by authors. The volume will be of interest for a wide range of readers working in the field of material science.

In recent years, scientific investigations and technological developments have resulted in many new results. Direct applications of quantum mechanical laws to system with length scales lower than 100 nm (nano) had opened a way to construction of new equipment in the field f.e. of nano- and optoelectronics. This book fits into this trend summarizing the results related to discoveries and technological applications of nanolayer in different fields of material science and even life science.

The chapters are organized into three subfields:

-Preparation and fabrications of nanolayers with different methods.

-Description of recent achievements related to very important III-V heterostructures.

-Descriptions of mechanical, thermal, optoelectronic, photocatalytic, and tribological properties of nanolayered structures.

Some environmentally friendly applications are also treated in this book.


1 Formation of Nanolayer on Surface of EPD Coatings Based on Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone

2 Electroless Deposition of Nanolayered Metallic Coatings

3 Laser Prepared Thin Films for Optoelectronic Applications

4 Heteroepitaxy of III–V Zinc Blende Semiconductors on Nanopatterned Substrates

5 Surface Modification of III-V Compounds Substrates for Processing Technology

6 Nanoscaled Fluorescent Films and Layers for Detection of Environmental Pollutants

7 Mechanical Nanoprocessing and Nanoviscoelasticity of Surface- Modified Polycarbonate

8 Green Intelligent Nanomaterials by Design (Using Nanoparticulate/2D-Materials Building Blocks) Current Developments and Future Trends

9 Molybdenum Disulfide-Based Photocatalysis:Bulk-to-Single Layer Structure and Related Photomechansim for Environmental Applications

10 Advance in Tribology Study of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers

11 Thermal Radiative Wavelength Selectivity of Nanostructured Layered Media

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