Nanostructured Materials: Fabrication To Applications Ed. By Mohindar Singh Seehra

Nanostructured Materials: Fabrication To Applications Ed. By Mohindar Singh Seehra
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The chapters of this book written by different researchers include four chapters on the different methods of fabrication of specific materials followed by characterization of their properties, and focusing on the fabrications and applications including on biomedical applications, on sensors, on solar cells, and on the use of nanoparticles in herbicides.

This book provides up-to-date reviews useful for current and future researchers in the area of Nanostructured Materials

There continues to be a worldwide interest in the size-dependent properties of nanostructured materials and their applications in many diverse fields such as catalysis, sensors, energy conversion processes, and biomedicine to name a few.

1 ZnO Nanostructures Synthesized by Chemical Solutions

2 Ferrite Nanostructures Consolidated by Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS)

3 Phase Identification and Size Evaluation of Mechanically Alloyed Cu-Mg-Ni Powders

4 Wear Mechanism and Failure of Carbide Cutting Tools with Nanostructured Multilayered Composite Coatings

5 Gd-Doped Superparamagnetic Magnetite Nanoparticles for Potential Cancer Theranostics

6 Dendrimer Structure Diversity and Tailorability as a Way to Fight Infectious Diseases

7 Polymer Nanocomposites

8 Synthesis Characterization of Nanostructured ZnCo2O4 with High Sensitivity to CO Gas

9 Aluminum- and Iron-Doped Zinc Oxide Nanorod Arrays for Humidity Sensor Applications

10 Performance Evaluation of Nanostructured Solar Cells

11 Nanotechnology in Herbicide Resistance

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