Programming Fpgas: A Practical Guide

Programming Fpgas: A Practical Guide
by Yury Magda / / / AZW3

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This book is thought as a highly practical guide for those who want to learn designing digital circuits using FPGAs.

The material of this book introduces the readers to the many issues involved in the design of digital circuits. The numerous projects illustrate the practical approaches of design and show how complex circuits can be modelled in SystemVerilog code and implemented in hardware. This guide can help to select an FPGA development board for design and examine the on-board hardware resources. The material of this book also covers in detail compiling projects and programming FPGAs.

It is assumed that the readers have a general understanding of FPGAs and the basic concepts of programmable logic. All digital circuits described in this book were developed using a free Intel Quartus® Prime 16.1 Light Edition tool running in Windows 10. The designs were tested on the development board equipped with a Cyclone IV FPGA device. Each project is accompanied by a brief description which helps to make things clear and allows the readers to easily improve a design.

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