Raspberry Pi: Programming For Beginners

Raspberry Pi: Programming For Beginners
by Richard Dorsey / / / AZW3

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Let’s face it, Raspberry Pis are the latest craze. Everywhere you look, you see people doing absolutely insane projects with them. Things like magic mirrors, DIY arcade cabinets, homemade infrared remotes, even working cell phones! People are making amazing things daily, and you want in on it. No, better yet, you want to know what’s going on under the hood - what the things are that make the Raspberry Pi tick so that you can be the person making the next big thing.

Well, you’ve found just the right book. There’s not a better book on the market for learning the ins and outs of the Raspberry Pi.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Through the course of this book, we’re going to cover:

What the Raspberry Pi is, why it was invented, and just exactly what can be done with it

Which Raspberry Pi is the best for you

How to set up your Raspberry Pi once you’ve got it

How to program in Python, the most dominant scripting language for the Raspberry Pi

How to find inspiration from nowhere, just by knowing the right places to go

And a fair bit more, too. So if you’re excited to jump into the world of microcomputers and see just how far a $35 motherboard and a little elbow grease can take you, you absolutely cannot make a better purchase than Raspberry Pi: Programming for Beginners.

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