The Epic City: The World On The Streets Of Calcutta

The Epic City: The World On The Streets Of Calcutta
by Kushanava Choudhury / / / EPUB

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A masterful, entirely fresh portrait of great hopes and dashed dreams in a mythical city from a new literary voice.

Everything that could possibly be wrong with a city was wrong with Calcutta


When Kushanava Choudhury arrived in New Jersey at the age of twelve, he had already migrated halfway around the world four times. After graduating from Princeton, he moved back to the region his immigrant parents had abandoned, to a city built between a river and a swamp, where the moisture-drenched air swarms with mosquitos after sundown.

Once the capital of the British Raj, and later India's industrial and cultural hub, by 2001 Calcutta was clearly past its prime. Why, his relatives beseeched him, had he returned? Surely, he could have moved to Delhi, Bombay, or Bangalore, where a new golden age of consumption was being born.

Yet fifteen million people still lived in Calcutta. Working for the


its leading English newspaper, Kushanava Choudhury found the streets of his childhood unchanged by time. Shouting hawkers still overran the footpaths, fish-sellers squatted on bazaar floors; politics still meant barricades and bus burnings.

Sifting through the chaos for the stories that never make the papers, Kushanava Choudhury paints a soulful, compelling portrait of the everyday lives that make Calcutta. Written with humanity, wit, and insight,

The Epic City

is an unforgettable portrait of a city that is a world unto itself.

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