The Plant-lore And Garden-craft Of Shakespeare

The Plant-lore And Garden-craft Of Shakespeare
by Henry N. Ellacombe / / / EPUB

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From Ophelia's pansies and Lear's crown of weeds to Desdemona's song of the willow and the many botanical references in A Midsummer Night's Dream, the plays and sonnets of William Shakespeare abound in allusions to trees, flowers, herbs, and shrubs. This unique book explores a charming intersection of nature and literature, examining every plant mentioned by the playwright.

An alphabetical glossary cites each plant, placing the quotation in context and discussing its symbolism. A synopsis of the plant's history is followed by practical advice for its cultivation. Dozens of engravings of plants appear throughout the book, in addition to full-page illustrations of Shakespeare's garden and other Avon sites. Shakespeare enthusiasts, historians, plant lovers, and gardeners will appreciate this comprehensive botanical survey and identification guide.

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