Zabbix: Enterprise Network Monitoring Made Easy

Zabbix: Enterprise Network Monitoring Made Easy
by Rihards Olups / / / AZW3

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Learn how to gather detailed statistics and data with this one-stop, comprehensive course along with hands-on recipes to get your infrastructure up and running with Zabbix.

About This Book

Monitor your network and deploy impressive business solutions with Zabbix

Get practical recipes to automate your Zabbix infrastructure and create impressive graphs

Integrate, customize, and extend your monitoring solutions with external components and software.

Who This Book Is For

This course is for System Administrators who have been managing and monitoring infrastructure. You do not need any knowledge about Zabbix.

What You Will Learn

Efficiently collect data from a large variety of monitoring objects

Organize your data in graphs, charts, maps, and slide shows

Write your own custom probes and monitoring scripts to extend Zabbix

Configure Zabbix and its database to be high available and fault-tolerant

Automate repetitive procedures using Zabbix's API

FInd out how to monitor SNMP devices

Manage hosts, users, and permissions while acting upon monitored conditions

Set up your Zabbix infrastructure efficiently

Customize the Zabbix interface to suit your system needs

Monitor your VMware infrastructure in a quick and easy way with Zabbix

In Detail

Nowadays, monitoring systems play a crucial role in any IT environment. They are extensively used to not only measure your system's performance, but also to forecast capacity issues. This is where Zabbix, one of the most popular monitoring solutions for networks and applications, comes into the picture. With an efficient monitoring system in place, you'll be able to foresee when your infrastructure runs under capacity and react accordingly. Due to the critical role a monitoring system plays, it is fundamental to implement it in the best way from its initial setup. This avoids misleading, confusing, or, even worse, false alarms that can disrupt an efficient and healthy IT department.

This course is for administrators who are looking for an end-to-end monitoring solution. It will get you accustomed with the powerful monitoring solution, starting with installation and explaining the fundamentals of Zabbix. Moving on, we explore the complex functionalities of Zabbix in the form of enticing recipes. These recipes will help you to gain control of your infrastructure.

You will be able to organize your data in the form of graphs and charts along with building intelligent triggers for monitoring your network proactively. Toward the end, you will gain expertise in monitoring your networks and applications using Zabbix.

This Learning Path combines some of the best that Packt has to offer in one complete, curated package. It includes content from the following Packt products:

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Style and approach

This course is a compact practical guide that starts from the fundamentals of Zabbix and takes you all the way to building a monitoring solution that gathers data from a large variety of systems. Along the way, we will discuss the low-level operational details that should benefit you even if you have used Zabbix for a while. It also follows a step-by-step approach that is easy to follow, full of engaging examples, and will help you apply the theory to practice.

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